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Science & Symphony

José Francisco Salgado is an astronomer, experimental photographer, and visual artist who uses art as a vehicle to communicate science.  He is also an award-winning director and producer, an astronomy professor, and executive director of KV 265, a non-profit organization with the mission of communicating science. He’s also one of the few astronomers that’s been [...]

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I’ll Take “Ratings Bonanza” for $1000, Alex

Read Later Does Brad look nervous? On Monday, February 14, IBM’s newest supercomputer, Watson, will challenge (and undoubtedly destroy) Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, Jeopardy’s biggest money winners and power players in the world of general knowledge trivia. Ken and Brad definitely know their stuff, but Watson, with it’s (his?) 15 terabytes of RAM (that’s [...]

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How To Publish A Book on Kindle

Step 1: Write a Book

Step 1 : Write a book. Business Insider has an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for publishing to the Kindle.  Basically you just write the book, paying special attention to certain formatting quirks like bullet points and bold.  Then save as a .doc file, convert it to a web page,  and run it through Mobipocket [...]

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Don’t Call Me Shirley

For fans of absurdist and surrealist comedy… FYI – Airplane!, one of the all-time greatest air disaster comedies (top-10 according to the American Film Institute),  is playing on the big screen for 2 days only in selected theaters. Edit:  There’s still time for the February 1st showing! AMC is also giving away full-sized commemorative Airplane! [...]

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