Where’s ten60six? A 2 Year Hiatus From Blog Posting, Social Media

ten60six, the web strategies company, is now based in Tampa, Florida.

Sitting on a Florida beach, staring contentedly at the tip of a fishing pole, the only concern is the almost imperceptible twitching of the shrimp dangling at the end of a line.  No phones, no email, no facebook.  For lunch a grouper is grilled and served on a toasty bun.  The smell of citrus is even in the beer and the February day’s thermostat is set at a perfect (cloudless) 75 degrees.

On Monday morning we meet in our tee-shirts and flip flops and brainstorm a web campaign for one of our favorite clients.  We look out over Tampa Bay and power-up photoshop and illustrator, finishing revisions of a logo design while Harley, our Boston Terrier, stretches out for a nap on a cool tile floor.  We get approval for the design at 3 o’clock and finish our work day uploading files and downloading traffic reports for the sites we manage.  Life is good.  We watch the sun set and have a cheeseburger.  Life is really good.

We have a handful of clients that we keep happy – no matter what.  We’re not giving this up. An exciting new location and new business opportunity presented itself in the sunny Tampa Bay area, and after 5 beautiful and productive years in Columbus, Ohio, we moved our global corporate headquarters to the beautiful and sandy beaches of the sunshine state.  The past 2 years have been transformative for our lives, and for our business.  We’ve been building alliances, consolidating resources, and finding new ways to “help our clients establish an effective and professional web presence.”  We’ve been building websites.  We’ve been enjoying the Tampa Bay area:  the beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater, the arts districts in Gulfport and Dunedin, and we’ve enjoyed building websites for the unique local businesses that surround us.

Of course, we’re still serving our clients around the country, and our friends in Ohio will always have a place in our hearts.  As always, our clients can rely on ten60six as a dedicated creative partner and as a technical resource for their small business websites.  We’re happy to say that our clients haven’t had a single issue with the relocation and many wouldn’t even know had we not invited them to come and visit us! Bring sunscreen!

The by-line of the ten60six /blog mentions something about “daily hypertext deliveries,” and since the spring of 2011 we’ve been anything but daily.  We’ve been chastised by more than one astute reader: “Your /blog hasn’t been updated since March of 2011!!  23 months!!”  It’s true.  A quick glance at the dateline of posts shows that our last posting was, in fact, dated March 2011, and it’s also safe to say that postings had been sporadic at best for the previous month.  We were busy!  ;)   In all honesty, we really missed the connections made through the blog and through social media.  It was a conscious decision to ignore our blog, we have clients to serve and those websites won’t build themselves!  It was really a case of the cobblers children going barefoot!  At the same time, we also missed out on our own search engine rankings, and the only way to build a client base is to connect with prospective clients!  We weren’t AWOL, we were balancing workloads.  We haven’t disappeared, we’re growing.

Welcome, welcome back, and watch this space for our return to daily postings.

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