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Dark Pattern Trickery Hurts Us All

Can We Undo It? Do web designers, specifically User Interface Designers, have an ethical obligation to users?  What if our client asks us to do something that we find unethical, such as tricking users into unwanted services or blatantly misleading them?  What if our client wants a design that doesn’t have their own best interests [...]

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The Key to Brand Success? Trust.

Entrepreneur has listed the 10 most trusted brands and shows how they got their ranking. The most trusted brands don’t always have the most sales or biggest market share.  What they do have is a relationship with their customers that was created over time through personal experiences and two-way communication, a new study shows.  The [...]

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The Microscopic Art of Nikolai Aldunin

How many camels can fit through the eye of a needle? Nikolai Aldunin is a Russian artist who has become well-known for his microscopic sculptures made of pure gold.  From camels traveling through the eye of a needle to T-34 tanks  arranged atop a sliced apple seed, his detailed works must be created with the [...]

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Small-Business Website

Just about every company wants an attractive website that performs well, attracts visitors and converts them into customers.  Good design is important, but there are several other factors that make a successful small business website.  Today we’ll explore the top 10 tips for creating a web presence that satisfies customers and delivers a real return [...]

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World Photography Awards Announced

The World Photography Organisation received 122,000 entries from 170 countries and announced its shortlist of winners to the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.  The overall winners won’t be announced until April 25th, but the Atlantic has a nice gallery of contenders. Source: World Photography Organisation The Atlantic “In Focus” -

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Where’s ten60six? A 2 Year Hiatus From Blog Posting, Social Media

ten60six, the web strategies company, is now based in Tampa, Florida. Sitting on a Florida beach, staring contentedly at the tip of a fishing pole, the only concern is the almost imperceptible twitching of the shrimp dangling at the end of a line.  No phones, no email, no facebook.  For lunch a grouper is grilled [...]

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